Address Market – NFT market for rememberable smart contract addresses

  • Business: easily get reputable address for your Smart Contracts
  • Devs:you can modify your deployment script in one step
  • Nocode: deploy tokens, wallets and other standard solutions in one click!
  • Miners: utilize your CPU/GPU resources to find beautiful addresses
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Solution in 3 Easy Steps

If you have a project and want 0x000000beautiful address for it

Get suitable address

Find addresses with your GPU or go to any NFT marketplace to get Address NFTs from other users

Prepare your contract

Compile and get bytecode or modify your deployment script or select in-the-box template in the app

Make it live

Just deploy! One click in the app or one run of your script!

We Innovate

Deployment on beautiful smart contract address was never so easy

Our smart contracts system guarantees deployment to a determined address specified on our NFTs

We make it safe and transparent

We don't own your code or any parts of it and can't take your ownership

Your contracts are deployed as is without any third parts and injections. You keep your address forever


Dmitrii Korotkin Founder, dev

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Address Market See you ;)

The project has Twitter and GitHub

We are open to connections

We can integrate your protocol to let users deploy your contracts to nice addresses